Pepperdine University Selects NVerzion's NFinity Broadcast Video Server for Content Recording and Playback

Salt Lake City, UT - May 20, 2021 - Pepperdine University, a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence in Malibu, California, has selected NVerzion’s NFinity Broadcast Video Server as the content recording and playback server. Purchased this spring, the NFinity Server will be used in the communications broadcast studio control room, which is used by students to produce broadcast pieces at Seaver College, the University’s undergraduate liberal arts school. NVerzion provided a comprehensive online demonstration of the NFinity Server, sufficient enough to satisfy the University’s desire for integrated fast-paced playout and record operations with powered responsiveness required by the system’s broadcast setting.

“The system is very robust in its ability to play A-roll, B-roll, and C-roll simultaneously. We’re only limited by our imagination,” said Sergio Marquez, studio technical operations specialist for the Seaver College Communication Division. “NFinity’s most impressive aspect is its ease of use. Students with no experience are adapting to this server in a learning environment while gaining a better understanding of video server configurations,” he continued.

Significant equipment upgrades often require physical space modification, as was the case for Pepperdine, and NVerzion was quick to respond with assistance in measurement and space recommendations. After examining several video server options, Marquez concluded, “NVerzion’s offering met Pepperdine’s needs more appropriately than any other system researched.”

Simultaneous recording, playback, and distribution in a video server system can be a rigorous process, demanding immediate attention when any issues arise. NVerzion’s customer service commitment is not limited to time of day, an aspect that Pepperdine weighed carefully when making their investment in the NFinity Server package. “You want live, real-time support from knowledgeable individuals who have immediate solutions, and NVerzion’s support team has met that requirement,” Marquez stated.

Pepperdine’s broadcast configuration is relatively straightforward but vital. Within the Seaver College Communication Division broadcast environment, NFinity Players are set up to respond to manually composed playlists in randomly configured start and stop modes, along with additional record and playback functions customized to meet immediate audience needs. NVerzion is committed to Pepperdine in their video distribution goals for the lifetime of the NFinity Server as additional needs arise and expansion occurs.

“NVerzion continues to focus and listen to every detail when interacting with customers. This is extremely important during the sales process to ensure the end result is what the customer expects,” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. “This specific project was ideal for our NFinity Video Server system, utilizing the inclusive Record and Playlist applications. We were able to offer Pepperdine University an off-the-shelf product and with some specific software modifications for the three playlists, remote control for playlist interaction was achieved.”

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