Open Source Storage Solution

NGenius is an open source storage solution from NVerzion that provides broadcasters and media companies with a reliable, internet browser-based automation and storage solution for preserving and protecting data.

Perfect for storing long-term assets, NGenius enables broadcasters to house their video assets locally and/or in the Cloud, in an area that is geographically separate from their broadcast facilities, to guarantee that data is safe during a catastrophic event and over long periods of time.


NGenius Datasheet

Built around an advanced archive platform Flexible cloud-based storage optimal for next-generation broadcast environments, including media creation, processing, and distributed content between operations
Data is stored on dedicated media available from anywhere in the world, offering maximum flexibility Robust and secure solution protects the integrity of valuable video and audio assets
Using the built-in intelligent rules within the automation system, valued assets can be processed and protected, instantly Provides broadcasters with the total package for automation and content protection, lowering their capital and operational costs
Once the primary copy is written, a replicated or second copy is made to a device. When the second device is full, it is immediately removed from the library and moved to a secure offsite location, providing broadcasters with enhanced long-term retention and viability