Video preparation software for segmenting, trimming, and proxy editing

NPointâ„¢ is an ideal solution for preparing multi-segmented video clips in your video server for commercial insertion, trimming, previewing, or editing.

This highly efficient application enables you to view video from any standard broadcast device, such as a video server playout port. Once material resides on a server, the file can be easily previewed and edited using NPoint, giving you a long list of options for segmenting and trimming as you shuttle through the clip.

NPoint Datasheet

Trim or segment a video file Adaptable to any workflow due to configurable functionality and appearance
Create virtual or sub-clips Saves time and money with multiple functions in a single application
Maintain a list of segmented clips with duration, start, and end points High-performance video file preparation
On-screen or keyboard job/shuttle controls On-the-fly video preparation capabilities leads to additional cost savings and operational efficiencies
Easy-to-use editing tools
Trim clips and create database sub-clips