Status and monitoring software

NStatus Status & Monitoring Software application provides increased peace of mind by monitoring specified applications and notifying operators when it detects any loss of communications. NStatus can easily be configured to sense loss of functionality in an application — and can even make an attempt to restart it. It can also be configured with a redundant mode, which attempts to launch a backup copy of the application that it detects is no longer running.

NStatus Datasheet

Montitors EMC IP socket connections Quickly notifies operators of problems, enabling fast decisions and limited downtime
Enables and validates machine control commands to a backup EMC device when lost connection is detected Can be set to restart system applications automatically
Optionally starts a backup instance of an application that is recognized as operating incorrectly Runs on any PC configured to run on an NVerzion automation network
Easy to read and identify warnings and notifications
Supports a virtually unlimited number of NStatus instances